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Freshfield Primary School

We have high expectations for all our children and this starts with attendance. Whilst our target is always 100%, we endeavour to reach at least 97% attendance.

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Freshfield Primary School

‘Committed to Excellence: we inspire, grow and thrive together.’

Term Dates



Term Dates 2017/18



Autumn Term


Monday 4th September 2017                            INSET Day*

Tuesday 5th September 2017                           School commences

Monday 11th September 2017                          Nursery commences

Mon 23rd October – Fri 27th October 2017      Half Term

Friday 15th December 2017                              Nursery ends at 3.15pm

Wednesday 20th December 2017                    School ends at 1.30pm



Spring Term


Monday 8th January 2018                                 INSET Day*

Tuesday 9th January 2018                                School commences

Monday 15th January 2018                               Nursery commences

Mon 12th February – Fri 16th February 2018    Half Term

Friday 23rd March 2018                                    School ends at 3.15pm

Friday 23rd March 2018                                    Nursery ends at 3.15pm



Summer Term


Monday 9th April 2018                                      INSET Day*

Tuesday 10th April 2018                                   School commences

Tuesday 10th April 2018                                   Nursery commences

Mon 28th May – Fri 1st June 2018                    Half Term

Monday 4th June 2018                                     INSET Day*

Tuesday 5th June 2018                                    School commences

Tuesday 5th June 2018                                    Nursery commences

Friday 6th July 2018                                         INSET Day*

Friday 20th July 2018                                       Nursery ends at 3.15pm

Wednesday 25th July 2018                              School ends at 3.15pm




*INSET Day – In service training day for teachers, no children in School/Nursery