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Freshfield Primary School

We have high expectations for all our children and this starts with attendance. Whilst our target is always 100%, we endeavour to reach at least 97% attendance.

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Freshfield Primary School

‘Committed to Excellence: we inspire, grow and thrive together.’

Term Dates



Term Dates 2016/17



Autumn Term


Thursday 1st September 2016                         INSET Day*

Friday 2nd September 2016                             INSET Day*

Monday 5th September 2016                           School commences

Mon 24th October – Fri 28th October 2016      Half Term

Friday 16th December 2016                             Nursery ends at 3.15pm

Wednesday 21st December 2016                    School ends at 1.30pm



Spring Term


Wednesday 4th January 2017                          INSET Day*

Thursday 5th January 2017                              School commences

Monday 9th January 2017                                Nursery commences

Mon 13th February – Fri 17th February 2017   Half Term

Friday 31st March 2017                                    School ends at 3.15pm



Summer Term


Monday 17th April 2017                                    Easter Monday

Tuesday 18th April 2017                                   School commences

Mon 29th May – Fri 2nd June 2017                   Half Term

Monday 5th June 2017                                     INSET Day*

Tuesday 6th June 2017                                    School commences

Friday 7th July 2017                                         INSET Day*

Friday 14th July 2017                                       Nursery ends at 3.15pm

Thursday 20th July 2017                                  School ends at 3.15pm




*INSET Day – In service training day for teachers, no children in School



Provisional Term Dates 2017/18



Autumn Term


Monday 4th September 2017                            INSET Day*

Tuesday 5th September 2017                           School commences

Monday 11th September 2017                          Nursery commences

Mon 23rd October – Fri 27th October 2017      Half Term

Friday 15th December 2017                              Nursery ends at 3.15pm

Wednesday 20th December 2017                    School ends at 1.30pm



Spring Term


Monday 8th January 2018                                 INSET Day*

Tuesday 9th January 2018                                School commences

Monday 15th January 2018                               Nursery commences

Mon 12th February – Fri 16th February 2018    Half Term

Friday 23rd March 2018                                    School ends at 3.15pm

Friday 23rd March 2018                                    Nursery ends at 3.15pm



Summer Term


Monday 9th April 2018                                      INSET Day*

Tuesday 10th April 2018                                   School commences

Tuesday 10th April 2018                                   Nursery commences

Mon 28th May – Fri 1st June 2018                    Half Term

Monday 4th June 2018                                     INSET Day*

Tuesday 5th June 2018                                    School commences

Tuesday 5th June 2018                                    Nursery commences

Friday 6th July 2018                                         INSET Day*

Friday 20th July 2018                                       Nursery ends at 3.15pm

Wednesday 25th July 2018                              School ends at 3.15pm




*INSET Day – In service training day for teachers, no children in School/Nursery