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Team Around the School

The Team Around the School (a Sefton pilot project) aims to foster collaboration among various stakeholders, including Early Help workers, an Educational Psychologist, Inclusion Consultant,  School health Practitioner, School Staff and Parents, to collectively support the well-being and academic success of our children.


 Key objectives include:


  • Holistic Support: Ensuring children receive comprehensive and early support by addressing both academic and non-academic needs.
  • Early Intervention: Identifying and addressing challenges early on, preventing potential issues from escalating.
  • Individualised Care: Tailoring support based on the unique needs of each student, recognizing that different children require different forms of assistance.
  • Enhanced Communication: Facilitating open and effective communication between teachers, parents, and other team members to create a cohesive support network.
  • Resource Sharing: Maximising the use of available resources within the school and community to provide a wide range of support services.
  • Inclusive Environment: Promoting inclusivity and understanding, fostering a culture where all students feel valued and supported.
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving: Working together to identify challenges, devise strategies, and implement interventions to overcome obstacles to a child’s success.


In essence, the Team Around the School approach seeks to create a collaborative ecosystem that addresses the diverse needs of our children and enhances the overall educational experience.


Our Team Around the School staff include:


Mrs Rachel Traynor (Social Worker)

Miss Eileen Lloyd (Early Help Worker)

Mrs Michelle Harwood (Educational Psychologist)

School Health (practitioner tbc)

Mrs Jane Thurgood Parkes (Inclusion Consultant)


For more information please contact Mrs Smith ( Lead Family Learning Mentor) at School via the admin email ( or contact Rachel Traynor or Eileen Lloyd below.; mobile number is 07977195521.;  mobile number is 07811024982.